In the middle of the sea

DCIM100GOPROG0854439.Hey guys! Here’s another photo from Tuesday. We had such a lovely day, first we went to a beautiful beach (the water was crystal clear) and then we swam to a little platform in the middle of the sea and just hung out there. It was so peaceful and so nice. I also filmed the whole morning/afternoon, but as Gopro was a bit wet all the material is a bit hazy, so I don’t know whether I should put a film togetherΒ or not. Would you guys want to see it?

After swimming we changed & had dinner and visited a market.Β Yesterday we went to Monaco, I seriously want to move there. I wanted to make a post about it, but memory on my computer is full and my external drive doesn’t work so I can’t import photos right now. I hope I can fix it today.

Today’s plans are: going to Fnac to check out some cameras & external hard drives, then to the beach and in the evening we have a sunset jet sky tour planned. Excited! But now – breakfast. Talk to you later xx