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Weekend vibes

img_6367 img_6236 This was my look for Saturday night, the top is actually a dress but I just tucked it into my shorts. And how amazing is thatΒ bra!? It gives such a nice detail to a simple outfit. I also tied a denim shirt aroundΒ my waist and finished off the look with a pair of grey heeled ankle boots, I might shoot some better outfit photos of this look! I had a nice night on Saturday, played some beer pong and just chilled πŸ™‚ ended up not going clubbing but it was still super nice!

It’s Mondayy today, I went to the beach this morning and now justΒ came home to have some lunch. I’m not feeling very well though, I was at the beach yesterday and it was super windy so now I have a sore throat. In Estonia I got sick like twice a year, but here I’ve been sick for two months out of three haha. Okay it’s not that bad but I keep getting sick super easily.Β I guess my body is still not fully used to this weather. I’m gonna chill for a bit now, watch a movie and read a magazine and then we’ll see, might do something fun tonight if I’m feeling better. Talk to you later! x