Vintage finds

My flatmate Sarah has the nicest vintage Levis skirt, dark grey with rose gold buttons.. every time she wore it I was like daamn I need that skirt in my life. I kind of only have my vintage Levis’ shorts that I wear all the time and like…a few dresses but nothing else because I never really wear jeans here. So I felt like I really needed that skirt in my life. So I asked her about the vintage shops and went down to Surry Hills. Oh my god, soo much nice stuff it was insane! Vintage Levi’s, Guess, Ralph Lauren etc, I got the same skirt as Sarah has for $39 (€25 – so good for a vintage Levi’s skirt, I paid €60 for my shorts..Europe prices) and I just couldn’t leave without this Guess jumper, I don’t have a single jumper here with me and that light grey colour is my absolute favourite when it comes to jumpers. This one was a bit more expensive $80 (€50) but still not too bad for a Guess sweatshirt? Happy girl here, I can’t wait to save up a bit and go shopping there again. I really want a white guess jumper as well…

I have to close the computer and go out now, I have a job training today! For an hour and then I’ll go to Palm beach :-)) I will start fully working tomorrow and I’m exciteed! More money. More shopping. More cool clothes. More cool photos with cool clothes. Hahaha. Talk to you later ♥