Usher concert

   Photos taken with Canon 750D

Jacket & top from Sorella / shorts from Zara / Heels – bought in LA, can’t remember the name of the store but similar here

Hey from a tired gal! Got home from the airport awhile ago, tired as hell but I have to be up until 9pm at least so I wouldn’t be jet lagged tomorrow. Had quite a bad flight, it was so bumpy that I just felt soo sick so I threw up hahaha, oh well.. happens 😉 luckily the turbulence stopped so I felt better, there was wifi on board so I just scrolled Instagram & watched youtube videos, so nice to do that on the plane 🙂

We took the photos above right before going to Usher concert which was amazing btw! Best concert I’ve ever been to. Usher killed it and Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube showed up on stage too and performed. How cool? I really want to make a tradition that every time I travel somewhere I’ll go to at least one concert. I think it creates amazing memories which are so lovely to look back on.

I will go to bed soon, have a good night guys x