Under the Tuscan sun

img_2009-1.jpgimg_2006-1.jpgimg_1997.jpgimg_1996-1.jpgimg_2008.jpgimg_2005-1.jpgimg_2004.jpgHey guys! After spending 3 days in Rome and enjoying some city life, shopping and sightseeing we drove to Tuscany and spent a night there. What a beautiful place with all the vine fields around, so quiet and so peaceful. Next time I would like to spend more time in Tuscany! Yesterday we drove from Tuscany to Genova, spent a night there and had breakfast at my aunt’s place this morning and then we drove to San Remo. We are spending our last night here (our flight back is on Saturday, I accidentally wrote Friday in one of my posts). I’m sick though, I have had cystitis for about 2 weeks now, I got antibiotics last week but they gave me only one tablet and it wasn’t enough, it got better but now it’s back and it’s even worse than before. Luckily I got new tablets from the pharmacy here, and so I’ve taken this evening off to just rest and catch up with my favourite Youtubers, which feels good actually. I’ve been running around so much lately, but I do like being super active while traveling, if I don’t do anything for a day I get bored haha.

Anyways tomorrow here’s a big market that we want to visit and after that we are going to take a quick dip at the sea and then it’s time to start driving to the airport which is about an hour from here. I’m so sad to leave, I could live like this – just travel around the world, enjoying different places, cultures and food. But at the same time it is good to go back home too, I miss my family, my dog, my bestie and I do work better from home. I guess it’s time to start working for my dream life, so I could just travel the world for the rest of my life.


Good night guys xx