Hey guys! I’ve been on such a high the past days, I’ve always been happy but right now feel like I’m in the right place country wise and it’s just an amazing feeling being here. I want to talk about everything that has happened to me the past few days since I started reading a new book, but I’ll do that tomorrow and right now I’ll just write about what I did today.

So I met up with Gabe for the second time, I grabbed my notebook, we got tea & coffee on the road and headed to the beach to sit by the sea on the rocks. We talked a lot about social media and Instagram and wrote down a bunch of photo ideas that we want to do. After sitting, talking and watching the waves we headed to mine, we had lunch here, edited photos and meditated. Gabe is such an amazing person, since I met him on the internet I always hoped he’d be nice and mostly hoped that he would be motivated and driven to do all this social media thing together, but he’s so much more than that. He goes to the gym even when he hasn’t slept the whole night, he has meditated for 19 years, he works with these huge companies like for example Sony. He motivates me to do more, to be better, to go to the gym even when I’m tired, to meditate etc. I feel like we really clicked and I’m so happy I’ve made a new friend.

Now I’m going to get dressed and head out for dinner, talk to you tomorrow (I promise!) x