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Time to hit the gym

I’m usually such a health freak but for the past 1,5 – 2 weeks I’ve been eating quite unhealthy. When I go to the gym and do my workouts I eat super healthy,  but as I got a bit sick for two weeks I didn’t go to the gym and didn’t eat healthy as you can see on the photos above haha. Well that’s changing now, I just got home from the gym! I went with Anja and her boyfriend, it’s always so much more fun to work out with friends. I’m so motivated to work out and this year I want to look the best I’ve ever looked and be the healthiest I’ve ever been. I also recently started working out with weights and I LOVE IT! I’m still such a beginner and most of the time I have no clue what I’m doing but we all start somewhere. I got some questions about the program I use, I’ll write about it when I’ve done the program for a few weeks so I know if it’s worth recommending. ♥