The movie room



Hey guys! In Helsinki we stayed in a design hotel called Klaus K and they gave us the movie room, there was a huge TV with a sound system, a playstation and all the movies you could dreamΒ of, so the day after the concert we stayed in bed and watched movies until the evening. The bed also had a massage system and the position of the mattress was controlled by a remote. Another thing I absolutely loved there was the breakfast – they had a lot of organic options, fresh juices, handmade granola, yogurts, fruits, oatmeal and so on. We were super happy with thisΒ hotel so I definitely reccommend this place if you are visiting Helsinki!

dsc_1784-1-copy dsc_1985 dsc_2031-3 I got some work done this morning, but now I gotta continue with some emails and I also have to take photos for my Instagram, which is really fun I think, I love being creative & coming up with different looks and so on. I might go out tonight with the girls but I’m not sure yet because I have a meeting tomorrow and it’s quite early in the morning and I don’t want to be like a zombie there. But we’ll see, I might still go for a few hours. Talk to you later! x