The kids

number10.jpg (1 of 1)-395number10.jpg (1 of 1)-396number10.jpg (1 of 1)-400number10.jpg (1 of 1)-398I had such a nice day out with my family. My cousins are just so adorable, I’m going to miss them so so much. I’m so happy I came here, I felt like I had drifted apart a lot with the Italian part of my family but now it’s better than ever and it feels amazing. I feel full of love, I honestly do haha. They were all so lovely and it was everything I could’ve asked for. Pizza nights, dinners, roadtrips ♥

It was so hard to say goodbye to the kids, it was actually my first time being around kids and at first I didn’t even know how to talk to them haha. I have no other young siblings in my family. But after one week we were all so close to each other. I’ll definitely keep in touch and  I’ll try to visit them more often 🙂