Daily life

Sunset paddle boarding

DCIM100GOPROG0364368.Good morning! Remember I told you guys that me and my boyfriend are thinking about going paddle boarding but the weather isn’t very good? Well, we did end up going and it was so nice. I fell into the water every time I tried to stand up though haha, but I think that was the fun part. We chose to do it on a sunset at Kakumäe beach, it was really cheap too – we paid €10 for 1,5 hours. Next time I want to try sup Yoga 🙂 imagine doing yoga in the middle of the sea, so peaceful!

Anyways woke up a while ago, let my construction guys in and now they are fixing some stuff in my room. I got new lamps up yesterday, so everything is slowly coming together 🙂 I promised to show you guys my floors when they are done, but I want to get everything done and then take some photos and show you. We are gonna grab some breakfast with Marleen now and then maybe check out some shops. Have a good day guys x