Sunday look

Dress – here / bag – Gina Tricot

I guess these photos are as blurry as my Sunday was haha! That’s when you take photos on a self timer, sometimes you got like the best pics and then find out they’re blurry 🙁

Anyways this is what I wore on Sunday! I went out for a Sunday sesh (Sundays are like the best party days here) it was my flatmate’s birthday so all 6 of us went out and we had so much fun. Best thing about it – we started partying at 4pm and I was home in bed by 9 haha, love the granny life. I haven’t actually partied a lot lately which I’m happy about! Like 1 or twice per month which is good..I remember the first month I got here, it was crazy haha. I really want to focus on health and fitness right now and have a party night once or twice per month, I think that’s a good balance :-)) going to go through emails now and then it’s bed time. Night x