Summer sneaker inspo


From left to right: 1. here /2.  here/ 3. here / 4. here / 5. here / 6. here/ 7. here/ 8. here / 9. Sold out / 10. here / 11. here


Hey guys! I was looking around on Asos today and found so many cool sneakers so I thought I’d make a little spring/summer sneaker inspo post! As you can see I love white or pastel sneakers, I’m not really into too colorful shoes, I bought a pair of bright pink Adidas superstars a while ago and I think I’ve worn them twice haha, so from now on I mostly stick to neutral tones. I think these are super easy to match and I have so many outfits on my mind already, nice sneakers can make even the simplest outfit look super cute – tanned skin, levi’s shorts, a crop top and one of these sneakers above. Yes girl! I’m definitely a sneaker girl. I have soo many sneakers and like 4 pairs of heels that I wear. I think two things that I have the most of are jackets and sneakers.
By the way I saw @Skopljak yesterday! At first I saw that she went to eat to my father’s restaurant with her boyfriend but I couldn’t go there at that time. Later I went to buy some snacks and saw them in the store and I gave her a big hug, she was so nice ♥︎ I think it’s so cool to meet people from social media in real life ???? Time for bed now! Goodnight xx