Daily life

Summer 17 throwback

Midsummer celebrationsSo much love for these girls ♥♥♥ My brekkie spot! I used to literally go there every morning to have porridge. And that kama drink is soo good I need to restart this tradition asapThat eve was so fun! Manna La Roosa invited us for some cocktails and we clearly all had one too many hahaParty night Midsummer grillBest girls ♥ 

Super spontaneous Saaremaa trip Yummmmm Clubbing fun! I haven’t been to an actual club in ages, in Sydney I only went to bars etc but never to a club. And apparently people in Estonia don’t really to go clubs during summer anymore!?

Shoot for Sportland Eesti

This festival was so freaking fun. I want to do it again!!

My birthdayyyy! I actually live in the same apartment with the guy on the left now hehe

An outfit Got my makeup done by Doris Karola. She’s amazing

 Some photos from last summer that I found on my hard drive. Fun times now let’s do it all over again! ♥♥♥