Spring faves from NLY


Bodysuit – here / Sweater dress – here / T-shirt – here / Mesh top here / Lace up boots here / Bag – here / Timberlands – here / Bralette – here

Hey guys! I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I don’t know what’s going on but I’ve been super tired the past two days. I just got home, I met up with my friend Eliza, we had dinner and checked out some hops. Was super nice ???? on my way home I went through a grocery shop to buy some smoothie stuff hoping to get some energy from that. I’m now in Marleen’s room (it’s so cozy in here) under a big blanket blogging and drinking my smoothie. I’m finishing off this post and then I’m going to edit some photos we took today! I’m obsessed with editing photos lately haha, I really like it. 
Anyways here are some faves from Nelly! I’m thinking about ordering most of the stuff (well I’m trying to stop myself, but.. it’s hard) that mesh top would look so good with the bralette under (btw how gorgeous is the model, I’ve been seeing here everywhere lately and I always want to buy whatever she models haha), and I was thinking about buying the ellesse t-shirt in XL size and then pair it with Timberlands. I guess it’s time to finally buy the grey Timb’s I’ve been eyeing these for so long. And they’re on sale ???? I also absolutely need that bag, the color is perfect for summer and it looks a lot like an actual Chanel bag! And the shiny lace up boots – I think these are so in right now and would look really nice either with a dress or shorts. I hope you like my picks, I’ll start editing photos now! Have a good night ???? x