Daily life

Spontaneous plans

Β Heey guys! I thought I was just going to chill today, write a nice long blog post and read a book or something but these kind of things just don’t work out here haha. Some spontaneous plans just always come in the way,Β I went to the beach with my flatmate Sarah this morning and met some of her friends there, had some beers, later some burgers on our balcony and now we are all getting ready to go to The Bucket List which is like the most awesome beach bar right in Bondi. Sunday sessions are a real thing here, Lauren and her friend Brooke will join us too! So freaking awesome to meet new people every day. The guys I met today all live just around the corner as well which is so cool, Bondi is the best hood. I love it.

Okay I think Sarah is done with her shower now so it’s my turn. I promised to be there in 15 minutes but I haven’t even washed my hair yet haha I just can’t loose this always late habit!? Anyways I don’t think I’m going to take long, beachy look is what you go for here. So I’ll leave my hair naturally curly, do my eyebrows and mascara, maybe some powder on the cheeks, nice summery outfit and I’m out! Talk to you later x