Daily life

Spa night

Spa time! My bikini is from MissguidedIt was so nice to see the sunset from the pool. I also did a little workout before that – I swam 8 laps and ran 10 laps. It wasn’t a huge pool but good enough for a little workout 🙂I love infused water. It could be infused with anything – lemon, berries, carrot, cabbage haha I don’t care. I think it’s so yum!Then it was time to go home ..… to this one sleeping in my suitcase ♥︎

Hey guys! A few photos from yesterday’s spa trip. It was super cozy 🙂 I’ve never posted photos from my phone before but I think it’s nice and more personal so I’ll try to do it once in a while. It’s raining here today, we went for breakfast this morning and I had a whole grain pancake with peanut butter, banana and agave syrup it was heaven haha. Now I’m just blogging in bed, later in the evening we are going to a restaurant and then to a flamenco concert!? No idea my mom bought the tickets haha. Have a good day everyone! x