Daily life


I went shopping yesterday! Did you see my Instagram story about the Nike sale? ♥


Hey guys! I’m in a bit of a rush, I need to quickly do a workout and then take my mom for dinner…and it’s already 7pm. But I also really wanted to blog before so I could leave my laptop home and go watch a movie with my mom at my brothers place. I usually ALWAYS have my laptop on me and my mom is like ‘heeey why aren’t you watching the movie’ hehe so decided I will leave it home this time. Also I don’t know if you like these kind of short ‘heey I’m in a rush but here’s a photo of me’ haha random posts or it’s better when I have more time and can post more photos etc? I always wonder.

Anyways I’m hoping we can do takeaway, then I don’t need to shower and get ready and I would save lots of time, we’ll see! I really want to squeeze in this workout, I had such a great routine in Australia but now I haven’t worked out at all (except powerwalking) so it’s really needed. Have a great night guys xx