Sand dunes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApicmonkey-collagerrOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhotos by: Marleen Muhuste / edited by me

Hey guys! A few days before Marleen left we went to shoot in a really cool place and I love how the photos turned out! I want to have a photoshoot there again, I think it’s such a nice neutral background which is perfect for outfit photos. Had a bit crazy day yesterday so I didn’t have time to blog. After waking up I went straight to the store to buy a new charger for my phone, mine broke awhile ago but instead of buying a new one I was being that annoying friend and used Marleen’s charger…until she left. Then I used my brother’s charger for a day until he left as well (he studies in England) soo I woke up with 1% and literally went to the store still wearing my PJ shirt haha. Then I went to the post office to get some mail (maybe you saw what I got from my Snapchat?) I love mail days!! haha. And then I cleaned the apartment, took photos, cooked, washed my dog, watched a movie .. literally I never do that much stuff in a day haha but I think it was that Matcha latte I drank in the morning that gave me so much energy! A cute tea shop opened up just around the corner and they sell Matcha there, I think I have a new morning routine now – walk my dog to the tea shop – get Matcha – walk back home and start working 🙂

Gotta go now xx