Puerto Banus

Good morning guys! I’m a bit sleepy this morning, we played boardgames until midnight and I got up at 8. Pretty much everyone’s hiking right now, but I really didn’t feel like hiking up to the mountains for two hours (the hike two days ago was SO hard, but super fun). So me, Malin and Janni are blogging while others are sweating haha.

These photos are from Yesterday when we went to the city with girls. We walked around a bit, had smoothies and checked out some shops. It was super hot so my outfit was definitely not weather appropriate, it’s totally summer here! Today we have a circuit training at 12 and then a meditation class. Later tonight we are going to Janni’s place so she can pack her bags for Coachella, we’ll probably skip the dinner out and order some take away instead and chill by the pool. Later we might go out for some drinks 🙂 talk to you later! x