Pool party part 2

A bunch of mixed photos from the pool party ♥︎

Morning guys! I’m still in bed, but I will get some breakfast after posting this. I woke up so tired today although I went to sleep quite early. So my brain doesn’t really work right now haha. Not at all actually, first time when I don’t know what to write. So I’ll keep this short and have some breakfast to wake me up! Oh I started using Sonia Tlev meal plan a while ago and I love it, I feel so good and full at all times. When I came home from Australia I had no idea what to eat, I was so used to the foods there but didn’t find these items here so I was super lost and decided to go for a meal plan and I’m super happy I did! It has lots of diary products in there (it’s a high protein meal plan) and I used to hate diary but it actually suits me really well. I use the meal plan together with her workout guides (I’ve used her workout guides on and off for 2 years) I think I’ve completed two 12 week rounds within that time but then stopped at some point. Anyways I really recommend it! I guess I came up with something to write anyways haha. Now breakfast!