Daily life

Planning Instagram

I haven’t been posting to Instagram at all (I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting, since I started blogging), but I’m actually really working on creating content and planning my feed! Here’s a little sneak peak of how I plan my feed, I use the app Unum :-)) I’m not sure this is exactly how it’s going to look like, but I’m playing around with it, I have another shoot tomorrow so we’ll see! I will start posting really soon and I’m so EXCITED. Now that I’m back to styling, shooting, editing – I feel so grounded, happy, relaxed, motivated, all the good things. That’s my world, that’s what makes me happy. Not posting and shooting made me feel really out of alignment, but as I didn’t have a photographer I needed to take a step back to figure things out. The only thing about blogging is you can’t do it alone. But I’m so happy I’m back at it, and thank you for your support. Means the world ♥