Pink and comfy

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Tracksuit from Ivyrevel/ Jacket & bag – Zara/ Shoes – Nike / Phone case – it’s a fake Moschino case bought from a market in France haha


Hey guys! It’s been pretty stressful the past two weeks but now I feel like I have my life back together. So about my plans – I’m not going back to Estonia right now. I’ll take two more years off from school and if in 2 years, I’m not as successful as I think I will be – I’m going to finish school. I think that’s a great back-up plan and also motivates me to be successful, because I really don’t want to sit in a classroom again haha.

My tourist visa will be expire next week though and in order to apply for a new visa I have to leave the country. So I’m going to New Zealand on Friday!! So excited, I kind of feel like I’ve been stuck in one place for a bit too long so it feels great to travel again. All my relatives from my fathers side (the Italian side of my family) moved to New Zealand years ago, I haven’t seen most of them for 7 years. So this trip will be extra special because I will be visiting my family and staying with them πŸ™‚

While I’m there I’m going to apply for the new visa (and hopefully get it), if I do get the visa I’ll stay in Australia until June. Travel Europe in the summer (I want to go to Barcelona and also to the yacht week in Greece!!) and come back here when European summer is over. Same time next year I’ll do 6 months of business studies (and start my own business at the same time) in Maquarie university. My university back home accepts these units as electives so that’s pretty good πŸ™‚

If I don’t get the visa I’ll stay in Australia until the end of March (that’s when my tourist visa ends, I just have to leave right now because I can’t stay more than 3 months at a time) and then go home and figure out what I’ll do next πŸ™‚ I’m excited for everything to come and all the new adventures! x