Daily life


Jacket – h&m / Jeans – Topshop / Hoodie – Arop / Shoes – Puma x Fenty

Photos by: Marleen Muhuste

Edit by me

Hey guys! Funny story behind these photos – we went to a flea market called Buduaari turg a few days ago with Marleen and we decided to take Ringo with us. So we Ubered there (I think I uber way too much lately? But it’s so cold outside. But I should stop..) and didn’t get in because no dogs allowed haha. So we snapped some photos outside and went home. Nice day!

I just got home from my grandmas place, I try to go there every other week or so, it’s always nice to catch up with her 🙂 she’s 95 but super healthy, the only thing is that she can’t see well anymore and that makes her super sad 🙁 so whenever I go there I help her do a bunch of stuff that she can’t do alone. Anyways I’m super tired now! I’ll answer a couple of emails and then couch mode on. Talk to you tomorrow! x