Next stop: LA

    Yep it's that cold in Estonia haha

    Hey guys! CAN YOU GUESS WHAT!?! Me and Marleen bought tickets to LA last night and we are leaving tomorrow, so freaking excited! Yesterday was such a crazy day, we woke up and saw a super cheap offer to the Maldives, we were already shopping for bikinis ready to go home and buy the tickets, until I was in the changing room and thought that shit, I haven't even checked the weather there, and of course it's raining for 2 weeks straight. We were so bummed, we really wanted to go somewhere so we went to different travel agencies, thought maybe they could find a cool last minute deal for us, but we weren't really fond on the locations they offered. While I was talking to the lady in the travel agency I told Marleen to check LA, and we found like the best tickets ever so we pretty much ran home and bought the tickets haha. And when we had already bought the tickets, one of our friends asks us how did we get the visa, how the hell we didn't think that you need a visa to go to America!?!? Seriously how dumb can you be. But luckily it's visa-free for 90 days, winning! We are coming for you LA. I'm so ready to cruise around, see different places, take photos, see sunsets and sunrises..ahh! Neither of us has been to LA, I bet it's going to be amazing. We'll be there 9 days in total and I make sure to take loots of photos for you guys!

    Btw we are both terrified of flying so it's gonna be a good one haha, but luckily it's just 2 flights. SAS has direct flights from Stockholm to LA and if you are under 25 you get a really good price!

    Talk to you later x


    Barcelona shopping

    Two pairs of Adidas Superstars – perfect for summer. The white ones go with everything – jeans, skirts, dresses. They are so simple and chic. The pink ones were such an emotional buy hehe, they went so well with the outfit I was wearing while trying these on so I just couldn’t resist. Perfect if you want to add a special touch to your outfit or just plan your look around your shoesShirt bought from Bershka man (as seen in my outfit photos) and shorts & scarf from Zara. Perfect summer shorts I would say, these go really well with heels too for a summer night out. And this scarf – obsessed! I love love it,  I either just tie it around my neck or wear it like on the photo, makes every outfit more edgy! My new favourite light green jeans from Zara and perfect summer jacket from MangoThis swimsuit though! Who knew Zara makes swimsuit like these? Looks like an expensive designer one to me! Obsessed.

    Heyy guys! Here’s a post about what I bought in Barcelona, I think I found so nice stuff. That’s not all though, I bought some crop tops and bikini bottoms and probably something else that I can’t remember. But I forgot to take photos of these – hehe honesty always wins right.

    I feel like I’ve been slacking here recently a bit, but it’s because my boyfriend came to Estonia for 3 days so I just spent time with him. We don’t see each other very much because we both have a lot of traveling going on in our lives, he does professional Judo so he travels around a lot. But it felt good to spend some time with him <3

    Anyway we are not going to The Yacht Week, we didn’t get any response form there and then we found out that the cruise we were looking at, was in Croatia not in Greece, so yeah whatever haha.

    We are going out for dinner now, have a good night guys x



    My day in photos

    Good morning! Time for breakfast

    …And lunch, super good Caesar salad place right next to our hotel. We’ll be back! Then we rented bikes…And drove around the cityFirst stop was South Bank

    Time for a swim!

    Next stop was Kangaroo view point

    Where we enjoyed the view 🙂

    I wrote this post awhile ago when I was in Australia but forgot to post it, so here it is. About time haha

    Hey babes! We checked into our hotel in Brisbane late last night and put on our robes, made some tea and watched the latest episode of the Kardashians ???? so cozy! It’s something about staying in hotels that I really love – fresh sheets, robes, buffee breakfasts and friendly staff smiling at you. Anyway today we rented some bikes and drove around the city, our first stop was South Bank! It’s like a “fake” beach in the middle of the city, such a beautiful place though! We sunbathed a bit and just chilled in the sand. Our next stop was Kangaroo view point and oh my god my GPS on my phone went nuts and showed us the longest way ever there and all uphill! We were absolutely dead when we arrived and just the thought of it that we actually have to drive back too killed us haha but the view was worth it in the end though! After that we came back to the hotel and took a long shower and now we’r chilling in our robes again ???? Have a good night guys x


    Noosa living

    And a cheeky camera vs Iphone photo to end this post x

    Hey guys! As I promised I would do more Australia posts, I just didn’t want to mix Australia posts with Barcelona ones so I had to wait till I’m home. Anyways a place that totally stole my heart in Australia – Noosa. You just have to go there! Life is just so laid back and chill there, I think you can’t even find a single stressed person and well, how could you if you live in such a beautiful place? While in Noosa we staid at a friends place and for a week we lived like locals. Our friends were working during the week so me and Marleen just explored everything around Noosa, went to national parks and found hidden waterfalls, climbed a mountain and spent time at the beach. After work the group met up at First point at the beach to just chill, talk about their day and watch the sun go down. During the weekend we went out with a party bus (like 10 people on it) drove 30mins to the party and it was epic. Later that night someone got an idea to put weird clothes on and go knock on people’s doors at 4AM, I felt like a kid again, but it was so much fun. And after that we got tired so we just laid down on the street and watched the stars.

    Life seriously felt so carefree and amazing, and life has to be carefree and amazing at all times. I feel the happiest I’ve ever been, I had an amazing trip to Australia – these are the memories I’ll take with me forever. I’m so glad I decided to go. I had a great Barcelona trip with a friend who I had become distant with – it was so good to catch up with her. And I have many more trips to come, traveling makes me happy. Another thing that makes me even more happy is blogging, something I’ve dreamt about for a very long time, but never had the courage to start. But I don’t want to be that girl who dreams, but doesn’t go after them. I just felt that it would be so hard to put myself out there for everyone to judge, because I’m the kind of person who always cared about what others say. But not anymore and I’m so happy about that! And I want to say THANK YOU to every single one of you who reads my blog, my amazingly supportive friends & family and strangers who have wrote me that they love my blog, you have no idea how happy this makes me 🙂  I seriously have amazing people around me. I’m doing what makes me happy, and you should always do what makes you happy. Go chace your dreams girl!