Time to go home


    Photos from tumblr

    Hey guys! I have just packed up all my stuff and I’ll be soon heading to the airport. I didn’t blog much the past days, because I was just enjoying it to the max and taking it all in. I have many more photos to share, so you can expect more posts soon 😉 I had the most incredible time road tripping through  Australia with my best friend, and I’ll be back for sure. I have so many amazing memories that I’ll never forget. The last week in Noosa was just the best ending to our trip.

    Taking a gap year from school was such a hard decision..what if I won’t want to continue anymore? What if I’m making the worst decision of my life and ruining my future? These were the thoughts that came through my head when I was trying to decide whether I should take a gap year or not. But I decided to do it and I have no regrets! I did so much with these two months, I saw the world – I saw Singapore and Australia. I met so many locals and saw how they live, which was so inspiring. I love how carefree the life is in Australia.

    I have this big sadness inside of me right now, it’s so hard to leave. On the other hand I’m super excited to see my family. But my best friend will stay here for awhile longer and I’m just thinking what I’ll be doing without her haha, I’m so used to her – we have been side by side for 2 months straight.

    My gap year lasts until February, and I’m sure I’ll be back in Australia before it’s over. Laters Aussie!




    Hey guys! A little update from my Iphone. We decided to drive to Noosa last night and I think this is my favourite place of all the places we’ve been while being in Australia. Well just look at this sunset! It’s insane. We already met some super cool people too, so now we’ll drink some beers and watch the sunset. We might go out tonight, we’ll see! Have a good night guys x


    Gold Coast snaps

    View from our bedroomWaking up in hotel rooms – there is just something that I love about itAnd playing in the sand, I think it’s amazing feeling having your toes in the sand 🙂 feels like freedom to me! By the beach, we weren’t very lucky with the weather, so we didn’t swim. But still enjoyed hanging out at the beachA Froyo in bed while watching a movie, perfect after a long day. Funny story behind this photo though haha, so I was really carving for Acaii bowl and asked for it from every cafe I could find and they didn’t have it. And the places that had it were closed. So I decided to buy Acaii flavoured yoghurt and they had an offer that if you guess the weight of your Froyo you’ll get it free and guess what? I freakin guessed the exact weight how’s that even possible?! 270 grams in your face, haha!



    img_9331.jpgTop & jacket- Zara / skirt – Zachary the label / hat – Adidas / shoes – Nike huarache

    Ohh I’m obsessed with these kind of colours right now! I would love to have my wardrobe filled with neutrals 🙂 so easy to match as well! Anyway today we have just been hanging out in the hotel and we also went to take some photos by the beach. Tomorrow we are on our way to BRISBANE!! Yay 🙂 I’ve been dying to see that place! I don’t have much time to write here right now, my bestie is already yelling at me to get ready, we are going to grab some dinner somewhere. I’m so slow that she always has to wait for me haha, gotta go! Talk to you later guys, have an amazing day xx