Bootcamp day 1

    Hey from Janni’s bootcamp! I arrived last night and then we had a great dinner all together. The people here are amazing. And I have the best roommate haha. Today we kickstarted the day yoga, then did a circuit training you see above, then a core workout and another yoga session. Yes we are all dead haha.  But workouts were great, the trainers are super cool and everyone’s cheering for each other. Team work!

    After the cicuit workout we had a brunch all together, and then a core workout. Now it’s soon time for dinner so I’m going to get ready and we are going to take some pics with Malin so I’ll post my dinner look here soon. So happy to be here!


    Dream bag x3

    I’m not a designer clothes kinda girl, I could forever wear Zara and H&M (at least that’s how I feel right now) but I have a thing for designer bags. Like every fashion blogger out there haha, of course. I wish I could be different but no. There’s just something about finishing off an outfit with a nice bag. So I thought I’d make a post about three of my dream bags, I wish I could purchase all of them but at the moment I prefer investing in memories and experiences which for me is traveling. So I keep dreaming, but one day for sure.

    Dream bag


    Let’s start this off with a Gucci Marmont bag in velvet, I’ve seen this bag on probably every fashion blogger out there, but there’s something so classy and special about it. I’d love this bag either in turquoise or black. Velvet and gold details is just perfection. I can already imagine so many outfits in my head with this bag. Dream!
    Dream bag 3


    Next is a Givenchy bag, either in black or nude. With gold details. A classy everyday bag that could fit my lap-top. I prefer smaller bags, but one bigger bag that fits everything is a must. I love the simple style, structure and small details. Great travel/airport bag as well.

    Dream bag 2


    This is the first designer bag I’ll buy, I’ve been dreaming of this bag for two years now. I would seriously wear it every single day and I feel like it would match all my outfits. I love small backpacks, it’s my thing. This bag is my thing. Need. But it’s ridiculously expensive for such a small bag (I think it was €1600 when I last checked). 
    I hope you guys liked this kind of a post!  x




    Portel design

         Hey guys! I just got home from a lovely dinner with the girls. This is what I wore – Ivyrevel sweater, Topshop ripped black jeans and the black bracelet! I thought I’d show you some Estonian design today 🙂 I think these bracelets are so beautiful, I love the festival/booho coachella- ish style. Marleen is obsessing over them as well haha. These are all hand-made in Estonia, the prices start from €19, I’d say it’s not expensive considering that it’s all handmade, it’s a good change from fast fashion. Great gift idea as well! You can find their shop here, if you are buying something use the code LUCY10 to get 10% off your order xo


    Daily life

    Grocery shop

    I’m wearing a Pretty Little Thing top, Vans shoes and Zara bag

    Hey guys and good morning! I just woke up, edited these photos already last night so just making the post right now while sipping on lemon water. I’m soon going to make some breakfast and work on my computer for a bit. I have a dentist appointment at 2, usually I’m super nervous because who doesn’t hate going to the dentist but this time I’m super confident that I don’t have any cavities. We’ll see I might end up suffering there for 2 hours because I was too confident haha. After that I’ll go to the Levis store, I need a pair of 501 shorts in a nice light blue color, why is it so hard to find them!? Any tips?

    These photos above are from one day in Bondi when we went to do our regular grocery shopping. I kind of miss Australian food and all the fresh stuff. And the weather. Luckily it’s getting warmer every day here in Estonia yay, summer is coming! 🙂

    I’ll go now, talk to you later! x