Be There Beauty brunch

      And after this photo it all went downhill…haha

    BeThereBeauty event at the Upper East Side ♥

    I got invited to this pretty event last Saturday! Lauren came with me and we had so much fun. We kind of didn’t get the dress code though, it was a brunch event so we thought let’s dress casual but when we got there everyone was wearing heels and full glam haha, oh well we just laughed about it and now I know that brunch is fancy thing in Australia haha. Anyways it started at 11.30am so we didn’t have breakfast before, but this event turned out to be more drinks than food so imagine how drunk we got as we had alcohol for breakfast.


    I was planning to shoot a lot of photos but the last photo is the last photo I took that day/night haha. They brought this huge jug of alcohol to the table, but everyone but me and Lauren was driving in our table so we ended up drinking the whole thing ourselves. Later on after the event we went to the Bucket List by the beach and had a bottle of wine, haha I don’t know if you saw it on my story but I was trying to take a boomerang of me pouring wine into my glass but totally didn’t realise I was pouring it on the floor all over Lauren’s new white kicks haha. After that we went to mine and had half a bottle of vodka. Don’t ask. Anyways the night ended at 2am two guys carrying Lauren to my place because she couldn’t walk hahaha. It was one of these nights, we were out for like 13 hours partying! Absolutely crazy. Probably the craziest night I’ve had since I was 16. Great after I just said that I don’t really want to party haha but spontaneous party nights are always the best :)) Thanks to BeThereBeauty for having me it was such a pretty event and such a sweet girl behind the brand!!




    Me time

    It’s my last month, or month and a half (I don’t exactly know yet when am I going home) in Australia for now and I really want to take this month to focus on myself. My time here has been a lot about meeting people and that’s what traveling is about, and I get tears in my eyes if I think about all the amazing friends I’ve made here. But it’s hard to balance that with ‘me time’, I’d say the whole summer I was busy doing something with someone every single day, even if I woke up without a single plan after a phone call from a friend or a text from someone I had my whole day planned. No time to think, just go do things – you are in a new country, go out there, live, explore, meet new people, have fun. That was pretty much my summer, always on the go. So now I really want to take this month for myself, I will still hang out with my friends of course but instead of dropping all my plans the moment someone wants to do something, I reschedule it for another day and go to the gym, do a face mask and read a book or do whatever else I had planned to do.  This month I’ll put myself first. I want to:


    • Work out as often as I can. Last week I worked out like crazy and LOVED it! I always work out but last week was on another level. I read in a book that you only have a few things that you can put your focus on every day and if you’re putting your energy into the wrong things (like constantly hanging out with friends with no time for yourself) or (things like partying and fuckboys..ugh I swear they take the most energy) then you just don’t have the time and energy for gym or whatever else you want to do! But last week I pretty much had no plans apart from work and gym and I had so much time and energy I worked out twice per day!


    • Eat healthy. I’ve always been a healthy girl but just taking it to the next level and really cleansing my body with good food. Also I learned how to cook – look at all the things you can do when you take time for yourself!! I really feel like I’m growing as a person.


    • Listen to more books and podcasts. It’s a bit tricky right now because my headphones broke, need to get new ones asap. But that’s the best way to feel even better about yourself, learning and growing into a better human. I want to leave this place smartest I’ve ever been.


    • I really want to focus on my Instagram and taking photos and that’s just my number 1 priority. I also have the most amazing collaborations going on with my DREAM brands – Saboskirt, Revolve, Mistressrocks etc. They are literally giving me my dream summer wardrobe! I decided I won’t shop anymore for clothes, just for accessories or only if I really see something amazing and I’ve actually managed to save quite a lot of money! And I’m planning to buy myself something I’ve been dreaming of for 2 years. I’m so happy on the inside. I will forever be happy that I started blogging/Instagram and found this passion.


    Ah I really feel like a month of me time is all I need! Although I’ve met amazing people here I’ve also met quite a lot of fuckboys who make you question your self worth for a second. Although I am a confident person, I know what I’m worth and I walk away if I’m being mistreated, seeing how guys act can still really hurt. I’m not just talking about myself, but all the girls here. Honestly, poor girls is all I can say. But I’m happy and grateful for all these experiences, I’ve never really been single before – to be honest the past year has been my first single year as I was in a great long term relationship before and all these bad experiences were definitely what I needed. I haven’t been sleeping around (I’ve never been that kind of person and truly need to know the person and have deep feelings for them in order to be able to do that) but more just like going on dates and seeing where things go etc and then finding out the person has been lying about their whole existence…pretty much. Honestly dating in Australia is something else, never do I ever recommend that to anyone haha unless you have a heart of steel and can’t get hurt! One night we had quite a bit of wine with Lauren and we were talking about writing a blog post about dating in Australia. Should we? haha. Anyways in the end it’s all about living and learning and looking back you just laugh at all these experiences! No need to take life too seriosly :-)) Sleep time now. Night xx

    Daily life

    Chill days

    Photos from a shoot I did for Cupshe

    Heey :-)) I’m writing this while there’s the craziest storm I’ve ever seen outside. Moments like this always make me think how happy and grateful I am to have a home, to be warm, to have a bed to sleep in. Because so many people don’t and it makes me sad to think about people who are outside when the weather is like this because they don’t have a place to go 🙁

    Anyways the past days have been very relaxed, both Friday and Saturday we had a flatmates movie night. Funny how during summer no one was ever home, this place was empty all weekends and now that the weather is bad everyones home and not leaving the couch haha. I think it’s cozy. I’m happy to relax before the Estonian summer crazyness.

    I’m going to try to sleep with this crazy storm now. I have a fun modelling job in North Sydney tomorrow so need to be up early! Night xx



    Sunday look

    Dress – here / bag – Gina Tricot

    I guess these photos are as blurry as my Sunday was haha! That’s when you take photos on a self timer, sometimes you got like the best pics and then find out they’re blurry 🙁

    Anyways this is what I wore on Sunday! I went out for a Sunday sesh (Sundays are like the best party days here) it was my flatmate’s birthday so all 6 of us went out and we had so much fun. Best thing about it – we started partying at 4pm and I was home in bed by 9 haha, love the granny life. I haven’t actually partied a lot lately which I’m happy about! Like 1 or twice per month which is good..I remember the first month I got here, it was crazy haha. I really want to focus on health and fitness right now and have a party night once or twice per month, I think that’s a good balance :-)) going to go through emails now and then it’s bed time. Night x