Daily life

    Planning Instagram

    I haven’t been posting to Instagram at all (I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting, since I started blogging), but I’m actually really working on creating content and planning my feed! Here’s a little sneak peak of how I plan my feed, I use the app Unum :-)) I’m not sure this is exactly how it’s going to look like, but I’m playing around with it, I have another shoot tomorrow so we’ll see! I will start posting really soon and I’m so EXCITED. Now that I’m back to styling, shooting, editing – I feel so grounded, happy, relaxed, motivated, all the good things. That’s my world, that’s what makes me happy. Not posting and shooting made me feel really out of alignment, but as I didn’t have a photographer I needed to take a step back to figure things out. The only thing about blogging is you can’t do it alone. But I’m so happy I’m back at it, and thank you for your support. Means the world ♥

    Daily life

    The clean treats factory

     I had lunch at this amazing place! How nice does it look (heart eyes emoji) I want to go back there to shoot Instagram photos haha…and eat, it was so good. Everything on their menu is super healthy and just looks so Instagrammable hehe. Definitely a place to go if you’re in Sydney!

    I worked the whole day today and then went for a sunset walk and listened to a podcast while walking, best way to end the day. I have a day off tomorrow but quite a lot planned – sunrise shoot, beach with Anja, a meeting and possibly a chill girls night in the evening. Trying to keep my days off productive :-)) I’m so sleepy so I’m off to bed now, I have an early start tomorrow. Good night ♥


    Daily life

    Yesterday @Manly

    I met up with Izra (we met on the same app as where I met Lauren) in Manly yesterday just to take some photos and hang out! We chose the worst day though, it was so windy and freezing haha. We started with some beers at the Wharf bar and then went for a walk outside and shot photos :-)) I love meeting new people! When we were done I catched the ferry back to the city, I almost threw up on the ferry…Imagine being on the sea on the windiest day of the year haha. But I made it home safe, the captain said that no one can sit outside because you’ll fall off the ferry that’s how bad it was haha. But anyways tomorrow I’ll shoot with Lauren, I want to shoot some photos in advance before I start posting to Instagram and then while posting I can shoot new ones so I wouldn’t run out of photos! So esxcited to strart posting again, I just need a few more shoot days!!

    Daily life


       Went to see Pitch Perfect 3 with this one today!

    Hey guys! I had such a great day today – I woke up early, went to the gym and lifted some weights (btw I got some messages from you guys asking about the weight lifting program, I’ll make a post about it soon!), did grocery shopping, made a delicious chia porridge for breakfast and prepped a kale salad for lunch, then went to the beach for an hour, after that worked from 2-6 and then I was off to the movies! I was so excited to see Pitch perfect 3, I swear Rebel Wilson is my favourite actor ever! The movie was good but I felt like the story was a bit off, I still liked it though. Bed time now, I’m so tired. Good night. xx