Daily life

    New hair done

    Before. This is my natural hair colour – dark brownAnd after! It turned out icy black, it’s definitely not blue in real life but probably looks blue in some lighting. As you can see on the photos it looks like I have a blue tint in there, it looks less blue and more black in real life. But I absolutely love it!! I think black hair looks so much better on me than brown, and I will definitely continue coloring my hair blue black from now on, it looks so much nicer than regular black in my opinion 🙂 I love the icy look!

    What do you guys think? Do you like it or you preferred brown hair?

    Daily life


    …when you get to a tivoli and find out that it’s meant for kids half your size

    We went to a tivoli with Eliza yesterday and it was soo random haha, we didn’t know that it’s meant for little kids, we just snapped some photos there and left haha. I’m going to dye my hair today btw!! My hairdresser had a baby so she’s not working at the moment and I didn’t want to go somewhere else as well so Marleen is going to do it! Haha we’ll see how it will turn out. I’ll make sure to take some photos. Talk to you later x


    Golden light

                Jacket – Zara / Bag – Nastygal / Top – na-kd / Jeans – Topshop / Vans shoes

    Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    Hey guys! First day I can move my fingers again, feels amazing haha! If you wonder why I’m not freaking out, I actually was but I called my doctor and she said that it’s totally normal. So it’s all good. Anyways we went for a morning walk at the park this morning with Marleen and Ringo, it felt really good! We’ll try to do it every morning, I’m usually not a routines kind of person, but lately i feel like I have my life more together if I have some routines. I’m actually super late right now as always, I’m going to hang out with Eliza today and I only have half an hour to get ready. Gotta go!

    Btw do you like these pics? First time taking photos with a backlight, I really like the result! 🙂

    … I seriously feel like i use these (!!!) all the time, but it’s because my mom does it ALL THE TIME. She messages me like “Nice weather outside!”, “I arrived home!”, “let’s go there tomorrow!” and now it’s stuck with me as well haha.

    Daily life

    Mother’s day morning through my phone

    I woke up early and went to the flower market to buy some flowers for my mom 🙂 her faves are tulips so that’s what I got! Then I bought some pastries and a delicious poppy seed cakeCame home and washed this little guy because he stank haha. Smelly lil thing. Now he’s so fresh and fluffy!Then I made tea, put the pastries on the table and woke up my mom 🙂 actually I did manage to do a workout before that, otherwise I would’ve felt so bad for eating this stuff. But actually it’s totally fine because it’s mother’s day! I think it’s such a special day and I love the vibe in the air. Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there ♥ x

    (btw the tiger you can see on the floor on the last photo is Ringo’s best friend. He has humped that guy more than million times)