Black & gold

        Top – here /pants – here / bag – Gina Tricot / shoes – Mistressrocks

    Photos by Rauno Liivand

    edit by me

    Hey guys! We shot some photos with Rauno today, he used a 25mm lens (I use 35mm) and I love how the photos look. I’m now thinking about getting a 25mm lens too and use that one instead of the 35mm one. Can you notice the difference when you compare these photos with all my other photos? This lens is more wide angle, so I look taller and I think it makes outfits look nice although this lens isn’t usually meant for outfit pictures, I think it looks cool and different. The only thing is that, as it’s a bit fisheye, it makes my head look a bit big haha. But it might be the kind of thing that only I notice. Or what do you say? I’d love to hear your opinion.

    Btw how nice is this outfit!? These pants are so popular at the moment and I think they look so dope. I want to wear this outfit to Nelly’s concert in October I think it’s perfect for that :-)) okay posting super late again today so it’s bed timee! I have lots of free time tomorrow so keep your eyes open for a q&a 😉 good night x

    Daily life

    Max&Co event

    We went to this little cute event yesterday! I usually suck at going to events, I always think I’ll go and then change my mind last minute. The same thing almost happened with this event too haha, both me and Marleen were super tired and decided to take a nap. Literally woke up 15 minutes before the event started, then for a second we looked at each other and thought if we should go or continue with our naps haha, but decided to get dressed super fast and go, didn’t even have time to look into the mirror but we made it to the event 🙂 thanks for having us, we had fun!

    I’ll try to get around doing the Q&A post tomorrow, but I have a few things planned so I’m not sure if I’ll make it but I try ♥ Talk tomorrow x



    Hoodie – here (on sale) / shorts – Levi’s / hat – Asos / Bag – Gina Tricot / Shoes – Misspap

    Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    These photos were so hard to edit because of the light the hoodie looked different color on every photo. But I think it’s okay, although I’m a perfectionist when it comes to photos sometimes I just have to let go of the small imperfections that bother me. Often these things are so small that probably other people won’t even notice. But still in my head I’m thinking that if I have time some other day I’ll try to edit these again and might switch out some pics haha. I love this outfit though, I really like mixing feminine and masculine pieces together (heels + hoodie this time).


    Okay it’s almost midnight so it’s time for bed now. Good night! x


    Outfit sneak peek

    Heey guys! 10 minutes until I have to be out of the house so I can only post 1 photo right now because my Lightroom is so slow at exporting photos for some reason. Anyways here’s a little sneak peek of what I wore yesterday, sun was out and so were my shorts! Haha, I’m obsessed with wearing shorts. If I could I would wear shorts all year around with t-shirts, sweaters, knits, coats, jackets, you name it haha. I might have a problem. Okay I’ll go now, have a good Sunday ya’ll! x