Daily life

    BTS today’s shoot

              Hey guys! Some behind the scenes photos from today. We met up with Rauno and drove out of the city to to take some photos. It’s so cool to meet like-minded people and just create cool stuff and have fun 🙂 btw my pants are from mens section haha, I think they look really cool though. I’m going to bed now so I will wake up early tomorrow and have another productive day. I really want to go out of the city for the weekend, weather is supposed to be super nice so I think we’ll drive somwhere with Marleen. Sleep time now, good night! x


    Today’s outfit

            Skirt & sweater & jacket – Zara / Bag & shoes – Nastygal / Rings – h&m

    Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    So this is how I looked today! Literally all my favourite items in one outfit 🙂 you’ve seen all of these items in my outfit posts. Favourite bag, favourite skirt, favourite denim jacket, favourite boots and my favourite chunky knit haha. I didn’t wear anything on top, it was warm enough for bare legs and denim jacket. I’m going to pass out now I’m soo tired. Hope you like this look! Talk to you tomorrow x

    Daily life

    New hair done

    Before. This is my natural hair colour – dark brownAnd after! It turned out icy black, it’s definitely not blue in real life but probably looks blue in some lighting. As you can see on the photos it looks like I have a blue tint in there, it looks less blue and more black in real life. But I absolutely love it!! I think black hair looks so much better on me than brown, and I will definitely continue coloring my hair blue black from now on, it looks so much nicer than regular black in my opinion 🙂 I love the icy look!

    What do you guys think? Do you like it or you preferred brown hair?

    Daily life


    …when you get to a tivoli and find out that it’s meant for kids half your size

    We went to a tivoli with Eliza yesterday and it was soo random haha, we didn’t know that it’s meant for little kids, we just snapped some photos there and left haha. I’m going to dye my hair today btw!! My hairdresser had a baby so she’s not working at the moment and I didn’t want to go somewhere else as well so Marleen is going to do it! Haha we’ll see how it will turn out. I’ll make sure to take some photos. Talk to you later x