Daily life

    Haapsalu snaps

    Hey guys! Here are some mixed photos of our 2 day stay in Haapsalu. It was such a nice getaway, we listened to music and talked about everything & nothing, watched movies, had food at a vegan cafe (seriously their peanut butter, agave syrup and banana whole grain pancake is the best thing ever) I always have it when I’m there, took photos and strolled around the city. We also bought this huge watermelon on the road that we ate for 2 days. Marleen literally almost crashed into his little store, thinking about it makes me laugh so hard haha. I usually don’t buy stuff from the streets like that but that watermelon was one of the best ones I’ve ever had!

    Now I’m back home, I’ve been running some errands the whole morning (post office, visiting my accountant, meeting up with my brother to discuss some things, answering emails) and now I just took some photos of Marleen. We are each other’s personal photographers 😉 I’m going to continue with emails now and later we might go to the movies. Talk to you tomorrow! x


    Daily life

    Hello from Haapsalu

    Hey guys! We decided to come to Haapsalu with Marleen, we both had a few days off and what’s better than a little getaway. We got here last night, watched a movie and went to bed. Today we went to a cute cafe for breakfast, after that I came home and took a hot bath and did a hair mask and everything. After that we made some lemon tea and took these photos :-)) now we are both sitting on our laptops, doing some work, listening to Estonian music and singing the songs. I’m going to make some tea now, cozy night!



    Today’s outfit

     Jacket & shoes & knit from Zara / Levi’s shorts

    Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    We went shopping with Marleen this morning after breakfast, I bought this jacket, sweater and boots :-)) happy girl. My old boots were so worn out already so I thought fresh boots for spring would be so nice. We went home, put our new clothes on and went out again haha. I wore shorts the whole day, a bit crazy since it was only 15 degrees outside but I thought that one last time haha. Now we are on the couch chilling, editing photos and listening to music. I missed these kind of cozy nights in, Sundays are the best ♥︎

    Daily life

    SUMMER 17′

    I can’t believe it’s 1st of September today. I went for a morning walk and saw all the kids going to school, all dressed up and flowers in their hands. September always felt so far away and now it’s here. Well I have nothing else to say other than hello September, please be warm and amazing. And in return I’ll be as productive as I can, I promise to work out consistently and eat healthy, focus on myself and on my goals and do everything that makes me happy!

    Here’s a little recap of some of the things I did during summer 17 in photos :-))

    I did a photoshoot together with Rauno & Marleen. The whole shoot was so fun and I loved the photos. Definitely need to shoot again with this team!

     I went to a fashion show – I remember that I was freezing, but I had just received this gorgeous jumpsuit from Dollygirlfashion and I just had to wear it. My face when I found out that the show was going to be outside was priceless haha. We had to leave a bit early because I couldn’t feel my legs anymore but the show was really niceI did a collaboration together with Denim Dream. So crazy cool to work with such big brands!I bought rings… and forgot about them 3 days later. I suck at wearing jewellery but I want to change that! I think jewellery adds such a nice touch to outfits and everything looks more put together. I’m trying to start focusing more on jewellery, I need to order some nice pieces for myself :-)) Bloggers event at Manna la Roosa! So lucky to have met these babes, we had a lot of fun and maybe a bit too many cocktails haha  Food festival with this girl! Always fun when she’s around :-)) Marleen’s borther had just released his new album and I went to a few of his album tour concerts. Sick party nights with good people!Outfit details. I will miss wearing shorts and skirts soo much! I’ve bought so many skirts and shorts this summer and I have only 2 pairs of jeans that I like … I see a problem  Hanging out at the beach with friends on a nice summer day. Honestly nothing better Breakfast trips to cafe August. Soo many mornings spent there eating, chatting and making plans ♥︎

    Midsummer ♥♥♥ I think this was one of my first parties this summer, followed by tons of different festivals haha. I went there with my girls, we had fun to say the least haha. I love my crazy girls

    All these yummy snacks, waffles and ice creams on the streets Loves of my life. Couldn’t imagine to be surrounded by better girlsWhen my boots looked this fresh haha. After wearing these to all the festivals I went to they look kind of (or like really) worn out

    Breakfasts in the sun at Reval cafe ♥

    Another outfit. I started working with Dollygirlfashion and I love their clothes!

    Valgeranna festival. Dancing the night away listening to Estonian music (I loove estonian music), drinking and just doing stupid stuff and having fun

    Partying until the sun went up

    I got my make up done for my birthday!

    I turned 22 and celebrated it with friends. Peerbong, playing games on the kitchen floor, dancing, singing and laughing our asses off. It was perfect

    Another outfit. I did a little collaboration with Sabo Skirt

    Into The Valley festival – one of the first festivals I went to. I hadn’t even heard about it until I met up with Kelly for breakfast at August and she told me about this cool festival that was happening on the weekend (side note: seriously the best ides and plans come to life in cafe August haha) I wrote some emails and we managed to attend the event as press. Such a cool experience and crazy fun festival! 

    The most spontaneous trip to Hiiumaa – I got a call from a friend and one hour later I was on the plane. Spontaneous trips are always so worth it. Often the best plans come from not planning at all. I’m really happy I decided to go on this little trip The end! x