I got a new camera!

    My new Sony a7rii + 35mm lens ♥♥♥

    Hey guys! I received my new camera today and I’m SO HAPPY. The perfect way to start a new year! I’ve used my Nikon D750 for all my photos and it’s amazing, the only reason I wanted a new one was the size. The Nikon is huge so I never really took it with me when I was out and about, I always felt like it was too big to carry around and I dreamt of a small camera that would be as good but half the size. I always thought I’d get a Leica Q but everyone kept telling me that this Sony one is much better (and cheaper). After reading countless of reviews and comparisons I decided to go with the Sony. It’s so small and lightweight, so far I love it and I can not wait to start using it. I’ll keep you guys updated on my thoughts! I’m sure I’ll love it, I’m so happy.


    New in: make up

    In one of my posts I told you about these crazy good make up products that I got – a foundation and a concealer, these two combined together is just the perfect combo. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I don’t want to have a ‘cakey’ face, I want it to look nice and even but not too heavy if that makes sense? This foundation is  a CC cream and it just makes your face look perfect. And the benefit concelear brightens my under eyes and makes my dark circles disappear. I truly recommend these two products, especially if you live in a warm country (it contains SPF50) and don’t want to look like you’re wearing a lot of makeup. Shoutout to the lady in Sephora for recommending me these two products haha, I’m so happy!

    Daily life

    A few NYE snaps

      I met up with this one for a drink (or 4) before he went to a house party and I went to Luna park (this is how he posed for me when I told him I want to take a pic hahhaha I found it so funny). I love him, we are just 100% friends but to find someone who you connect so well with is such a blessing. We have way too much fun together, how much we laugh when we hang out is just insaneHe literally kept talking the whole time while I drank all the 4 glasses he filled up haha. His lossAfter drinks with Adam he walked me to Luna park, we stopped on the road and watched the fireworks (they have ‘kids’ fireworks at 9) and then I met up with these guys! I started working together with the girl on the right 2 weeks ago, she’s such a babe! And look at their matching outfits. Too cute And also these idiots haha  Sober? Definitely! ‘Take a photo where it looks like we’re kissing’ Happy selfie while we were waiting in the line for a rollercoaster for 1,5 hours haha Before it was 00.00 we quickly grabbed some drinks and went to see the fireworks on the sidewalk. This photo makes no justice to the fireworks, is was incredible

    These are literally the only photos I took on NYE! And of course not a single photo of me, I always forget to ask people to take photos of me haha. I had such a great new years eve, I celebrated it in an amusement park (if you want to see a bit more of how it looked like check my Instagram, I highlighted the story). It was so much fun, as I’ve said before I love experiencing things in different ways, so this new years at Luna park was truly a new and magical experience for me. I had so much fun, just imagine partying in an amusement park, going on rides drunk etc. It was insane and I’m so happy that I could celebrate new years with all these amazing people!


    My jewellery story

    To be honest I’m the kind of girl who never wears jewellery…or I used to be, I just never had the habit of wearing any accessories (except a watch). But when I got contacted by MYJS regarding a collaboration I was interested right away, as I’ve also previously said here I want to start wearing jewellery more often and so I thought that this opportunity would be a great start :-))I love minimalistic jewellery, like these earrings that go with everything. These are also perfect for layering if you have more than one ear piercing!This is how the earrings look on, so sprakly I love it…Or these bracelets, so simple and chic. Perfect for mix and match. Wear as many on your wrist as you like, the more the better ;-)) Rose gold and black is undoubtedly the best combo. I will always be a rose gold kinda girl! I think this kind of small minimalistic jewellery adds such a nice touch and that little bit of extra, I lovee how the jewellery looks on this photo I love layering rings, wear two rings on the same finger for extra coolness 😉

    Photos by: Guillaume Becotte


    Hey guys! This post is in collaboration with MYJS jewellery as they sent me some of their items to try out. To be honest I love everything I received, all items are very high quality (and affordable) so I really recommend. Feel free to check out their website here

    Happy shopping loves, I hope you liked this post. ♥