Daily life

    Yesterday’s trip

     How freaking cute is Ringo?! His face hahaha ♥     Insta story behind the scenes on the left and my babe and Ringo peeing on the right hahahaLion king!   We drove out of the city yesterday to this beautiful place! We also visited my siblings who live near there and had dinner with them 🙂 we drove back to the city and if you’ve watched my Insta story you already know that Marleen forced me to go out with her haha. We had a really fun night though! And I’m happy that we left the party at a reasonable time so I still got enough sleep. Marleen just called me, we are going to meet up and have a walk and dinner. Talk to you tomorrow! x

    Daily life

    Snaps from yesterday

    Some snaps from my Insta story

    We shot some campaign photos for Citychoppers (a really cool company that rents out these choppers. Coming soon) yesterday and after that we spent the whole day cruising around with these. At some point we met up with my mom and had the first dinner outside! It was so nice. After that we teached my mom how to drive the chopper haha. And then we continued cruising around, I think I got home after midnight.  It was so nice to spend the whole day outside! 🙂


    Calvin Klein

                   Sweater & denim jacket – Calvin Klein / Mesh tights – Catsgotthecream / Backpack – Zara / Sneakers – Adidas

    Photos by Marleen Muhuste

    Edit by me

    I love this look! I think it’s so me. I love big prints and mesh tights, combined together it’s perfection. I fell in love with this baby pink Calvin Klein sweater as soon as I saw in in the store. Such a nice color and super soft inside, I got it from Viru CK store 🙂 I should go and have breakfast now, it’s almost 12 already. Today’s plan is to just chill and later we are probably going to the countryside, can’t wait to get out of the city!

    Daily life


    Hey guys! I woke up early today to go to the doctor’s to get a paper for my school but I went to the wrong address haha, amazing. After that I felt too lazy to cook anything for breakfast so I met up with Marleen and we had a cozy brunch. Sometimes it’s so nice to have breakfast out, in Reval cafe porridge is only €2 🙂 I re-scheduled my doctor’s appointment so I have to run there now. Talk to you later! x