Daily life

    Time to hit the gym

    I’m usually such a health freak but for the past 1,5 – 2 weeks I’ve been eating quite unhealthy. When I go to the gym and do my workouts I eat super healthy,  but as I got a bit sick for two weeks I didn’t go to the gym and didn’t eat healthy as you can see on the photos above haha. Well that’s changing now, I just got home from the gym! I went with Anja and her boyfriend, it’s always so much more fun to work out with friends. I’m so motivated to work out and this year I want to look the best I’ve ever looked and be the healthiest I’ve ever been. I also recently started working out with weights and I LOVE IT! I’m still such a beginner and most of the time I have no clue what I’m doing but we all start somewhere. I got some questions about the program I use, I’ll write about it when I’ve done the program for a few weeks so I know if it’s worth recommending. ♥

    Daily life

    A perfect day

    We sneaked into this beautiful hotel pool with Max (my photographer) haha. We met up at darling harbour and I saw lots of nice hotels, we were standing in front of one and I told max “I wonder if they have a nice pool in this hotel, I’d love to shoot by the pool”, then I googled and found out that they have this insane pool. So we walked into the hotel…went in the elevator…to the 4th floor and we were by the pool. We stayed there for a few hours, shot some photos for Reef oil, watched the sun go down and swimmed. Seriously it was so beautiful, the view just made me speechless. Sydney is such a beautiful city ♥

    Daily life

    A night out

    Hahaha what I just found! This was a night out a few weeks ago, I was taking photos of Lauren until a huge umbrella randomly hit my face hence the second pic haha. This day was super windy and apparently that’s never happened before, all the managers came up to me like are you okay, I was totally fine just a bit sore so they brought me some ice. We got free drinks all night so it was totally worth it haha. I feel like when you’re drunk you don’t really get hurt so it was a happy accident! I can’t wait until this girl is back, she got booked to the UK to shoot for Asos and boohoo – you go girl!! So she’s been away for the past weeks, can’t wait for her to be baack. xx

    Daily life

    Bondi Sands launch party

         I wore a jumpsuit from Prem The Label, Boohoo heels and Frankly my dear store jewellery

    What a magical night! Bondi Sands celebrated the launch of their new product (1 hour express tan) on this amazing boat. We sailed for a bit and saw an amazing sunset overlooking the harbour and then anchored and partied until it got dark. After 4 hours we headed back, a lot of people went to the afterparty but as it was Australia day the next day which is a huge party day I thought I’d go home and rest.

    It was absolutely crazy to see all these big bloggers (Shani Grimmond, Tammy Hembrow, Sarah Ashcroft etc) that I’ve been following for years. Right there on the same boat with me. This night was incredible and really proved me that this is what I love doing and seeing all these bloggers there and meeting them was really motivating for me. I’ve been following them for years, long before I started blogging. What they do is my dream life for sure. Thank you Bondi Sands for having me ♥