Daily life


    I went shopping yesterday! Did you see my Instagram story about the Nike sale? ♥


    Hey guys! I’m in a bit of a rush, I need to quickly do a workout and then take my mom for dinner…and it’s already 7pm. But I also really wanted to blog before so I could leave my laptop home and go watch a movie with my mom at my brothers place. I usually ALWAYS have my laptop on me and my mom is like ‘heeey why aren’t you watching the movie’ hehe so decided I will leave it home this time. Also I don’t know if you like these kind of short ‘heey I’m in a rush but here’s a photo of me’ haha random posts or it’s better when I have more time and can post more photos etc? I always wonder.

    Anyways I’m hoping we can do takeaway, then I don’t need to shower and get ready and I would save lots of time, we’ll see! I really want to squeeze in this workout, I had such a great routine in Australia but now I haven’t worked out at all (except powerwalking) so it’s really needed. Have a great night guys xx

    Daily life


    Hellloo..I wanted to take a cute photobooth pic but realized I don’t look cute at all so I found this old one I took in Aus haha :-)) I’m in Tartu right now with Marleen and Kristina, we’re having a little girls getaway drinking mimosas and watching desperate housewives hehe. I’ve had some wine as well so I feel so full of love so I love you all have a great Friday night xoxoxo

    Daily life, Outfits

    I scream ice cream

    Shorts – here / Top – here / Jacket – here / Bag – LV

    We went to this ice cream place with Marleen! It was soooo good you need to try it, I found it on Insta it’s called ‘Crazy ice roll’ and it’s in Balti Jaam. I got the Kinder Buoeno one and Marleen got strawberry & blueberry one and both were deliciouuus. I love this kind of places that sell good Instagrammable food haha, btw do you guys have any reccomendations for cute Instagrammable cafes/restaurants in Tallinn? Tell mee

    Now I’m spontaneously in Pärnu at my favorite spa :-)) I’ll try to take some photos today if I can get a guy to take decent photos of me? Hahah


    Today’s look

    Jacket – vintage Adidas / Zara hoodie / Shoes – Mistressrocks / Sunnies – Quay

    This is what I wore today :-))) did winter do a comeback? Seriously it was so cold today! Btw just in case saying that I did wear shorts underneath, I didn’t walk around flashing my ass ;P

    Anyways today actually didn’t start well at all..I woke up to the worst period pain, I used to have really bad period pains to the point where I threw up because of the pain but that had not happened in like almost a year. I never had any period pains in Australia and now it happened again? Wtf. I was in so much pain for like 3 hours, I could barely breathe, I was vomiting the whole morning :-(( anyways I was googling what could’ve possibly caused that and one of the things that google said was that meat and dairy can trigger period pains. I barely had any meat and dairy in Australia, but started eating that stuff again when I got back. I’ll go back to no meat and dairy and fingers crossed I won’t feel that pain from hell again.

    We’re watching gossip girl on the couch right now and then I’m going to bed. The best part about living with friends = movie nights for sure! Nighty night ♥