Palm tree

    Some more photos from Tuesday

    We are sitting on the bus now – on our way to the airport. It's so sad to leave but it will be good to be at home for a while too and Estonian summer has officially started, so it's not too bad 😉 We had such a great time here and I'm so glad I came, spontaneous trips are always the best! This trip has been all about relaxing, shopping and a bit of partying – all in one just having a good time.

    Yesterday we were so tired that we slept until 2pm, then went to the beach and had dinner with friends after that. By the way the club we went to on Thursday was absolutely amazing! I think it was the best club I've ever been to, so if you are ever in Barcelona definitely check out Opium club! You wont regret it.

    Today we woke up super early, packed up all of our stuff and did some last minute shopping (I have 3 pairs of Adidas superstars now, I need to stop) and then catched the bus to the airport.

    Our flight is at 4, so I'll be at home about 8pm. Have a good day guys x


    By Oscar Miño

    Top/dress from Bershka man / Mango jacket / Adidas shoes / headphones bought in Australia

    Here are some better photos of my outfit from two days ago. I found this top from the mans section in Bershka, makes the perfect casual dress for me, so easy to match with sneakers and a jacket.

    We just changed our hotel room, we didn’t have hot water and there was bad wifi, so we got that sorted out. I just had a shower and now Eliza is in the shower and I thought I’ll make a quick blog post. I really love these photos we took with Oscar, I wish he lived in Estonia so I could shoot with him all the time haha!

    Eliza is done with her shower now so I better start getting ready, as I told you guys we are going out. I’m sure it will be super fun. Have a good night x


    Cats got the cream

    I found this super cool brand online that I wanted to share with you guys – Cats got the Cream. They have like nude/yeezy style stuff which I really love at the moment. I want to buy everything in this collage, but as I have to keep my shopping addiction under control haha, I'm thinking about ordering 2, 4 and 5. All nude, just the way I like it! Gotta go now, talk to you later x




    Photos from yesterday

    Heyy guys! Yesterday we decided to walk to the city, took some photos on the road, walked past some beautiful buildings and found a super cool healthy cafe – so we decided to have breakfast there. I ordered Granola and an avocado smoothie next to it, which was disgusting by the way, but Kourtney Kardashian drinks it so it must be good for you haha. Jokes aside I was just really craving for something green, I couldn’t even remember the last time I ate healthy. I was eating super healthy before going to Australia and worked out about 4-5 times a week. Right now I haven’t worked out for two months, but that’s the thing with traveling, it messes up your routines. And it’s a good thing, I hate routines. So I don’t worry about it too much, I will go back to exercise mode soon. Right now it’s time to enjoy my vacay 😉

    We just got home from the city. Instead of going to the Mountjuic we just hung out by the beach pretty much all day. So we’ll probably visit the mountain tomorrow. We are going out tomorrow too, so excited for that. We are going to a nightclub called Opium (I heard it’s really good) and some sangarias & girl talk before that in a chill place. Sounds like a perfect night! I’m actually not a party person at all anymore (at least I wasn’t before Australia haha) but it’s nice to go out once in a while.

    Now we’ll watch some tv and soon it’s time for bed, have a good night guys talk to you tomorrow xx