I’m wearing a set from Saboskirt, Zara jacket and Adidas shoes

    Heyyy! Here are some photos from yesterday when I was freezing. Today it’s 18 degrees and the sun is shining 🙂 we took my dog for a walk this morning and bought some food. Then we made chicken salad and now we are sitting on the couch eating it. We are going to clean up my closet soon, I have to get rid of some stuff.. I still haven’t unpacked because my stuff will not fit in to my closet, yep it’s that bad haha! So we better get on it. Have a nice day babes x


    Snapchat @lucygrassso

    Some of my snaps from Barcelona

    Hey guys! Just reminding you that I also have snapchat – it’s lucygrassso so you can follow me there! I sometimes totally forget to Snapchat but I’m getting used to snapping more 😉 I think it’s such a cool app! x


    BCN snapshots

         Eating real Italian ice cream on the streets – yum!Arc de triomfBarcelona is full of beautiful buldingsSome outfit photos – tight skirt & crop top & sneakers. A “typical me outfit” when I don’t know what to wear – always worksSelfies on the streets 🙂

    Some snaps from our days in Barcelona. Oh we had such a lovely time! Now I’m back in cold Tallinn, it was 14 degrees today..what’s going on? Already dreaming about going somewhere warm again, but soon 😉 I hope the weather gets better so we’ll get some good beach days and warm summer nights, I’m looking forward to these spontaneous nights, grilling outside, sitting in beautiful cafes etc. Hurry up summer!

    Today we pretty much just chilled at home, then we went out to take some photos  (I was wearing a leather jacket and almost froze) so when we were done I came home and changed my jacket to Canada Goose haha and then we went out to have Sushi and met up with some friends over there! Now I’m at home, Marleen decided  to go out with some friends and I thought I’ll get some blog stuff done while she’s out 🙂

    Have a good night guys x



         Hey! Here are some photos of when we visited Montjuic – a mountain in Barcelona that has a beautiful castle on top of it. We wrote the name of this mountain to Google maps and started walking (we though that it would take us to the cable cars that will take us on top of the mountain) but when we were halfway there we understood that nope, this will take us on the mountain by foot – all uphill for 30 minutes. But it actually felt so good to do some exercise and it was a beautiful walk. After walking around a bit, enjoying the views and taking photos we took the cable car down and went to have dinner, was a great day!

    I’m home now and I just cleaned my whole apartment and now I’m waiting for Marleen to come here. We got so used to being around each other in Australia, so we decided that she’ll move in to my place for awhile 🙂 I miss our laughs and girl talks before falling asleep.

    (Something was wrong with my camera though so the photos aren’t as good as usual, they are all a bit hazy but I think it’s better than nothing)