Photos from yesterday

    Heyy guys! Yesterday we decided to walk to the city, took some photos on the road, walked past some beautiful buildings and found a super cool healthy cafe – so we decided to have breakfast there. I ordered Granola and an avocado smoothie next to it, which was disgusting by the way, but Kourtney Kardashian drinks it so it must be good for you haha. Jokes aside I was just really craving for something green, I couldn’t even remember the last time I ate healthy. I was eating super healthy before going to Australia and worked out about 4-5 times a week. Right now I haven’t worked out for two months, but that’s the thing with traveling, it messes up your routines. And it’s a good thing, I hate routines. So I don’t worry about it too much, I will go back to exercise mode soon. Right now it’s time to enjoy my vacay 😉

    We just got home from the city. Instead of going to the Mountjuic we just hung out by the beach pretty much all day. So we’ll probably visit the mountain tomorrow. We are going out tomorrow too, so excited for that. We are going to a nightclub called Opium (I heard it’s really good) and some sangarias & girl talk before that in a chill place. Sounds like a perfect night! I’m actually not a party person at all anymore (at least I wasn’t before Australia haha) but it’s nice to go out once in a while.

    Now we’ll watch some tv and soon it’s time for bed, have a good night guys talk to you tomorrow xx





     Photos by Oscar Miño

    Dress & heels from Zara / bag from Aliexpress

    Hey guys! Here’s an outfit we shot with Oscar. I think it’s so nice to dress up with a simple sweater dress and heels, the colour of the dress is just the perfect pinky nude. So fresh! I bought these heels from Zara a long time ago and they still look so good, not to mention that these heels can make every outfit look so special. Oh, and the transparent bag haha, its my fave.

    Anyways we have been hanging out at the beach, shopping, sitting in nice cafes and enjoying the weather, oh I love Barcelona! The weather has been perfect too. There’s just one thing – the metro doesnt work due to a strike, but luckily we don’t live too far from the city.

    Now I just woke up and I’m getting ready to go to the beach. After that we’ll go to Montjuic, I heard that there’s a fountain show and live music on the mountain, seems so nice! I will make sure to bring my camera so I can show you guys photos later x





    Touchdown Barcelona

    Hey guys! We arrived here late last night after the worst flight of my life. There was a thunderstorm and I think everyone on the plane thought that we’ll crash. When it was extra bad then I just screamed haha and later my friend told me that I wasn’t the only one screaming. I was so freakin’ scared, I’m already scared of flying because of a bad memory so you can imagine how I felt, ahh so glad it’s over and we made it here safely!

    Anyway today we went to the beach and just walked around La Rambla. We are staying next to La Sagrada Familia and it’s so beautiful 🙂 I’ve been here before, but I will never get tired of Barcelona. I think it’s the perfect place for a vacation. It has everything – beach, shopping, nightlife. And all the good stores – Zara, Mango, Bershka etc are super cheap here :-). So shopping is on the list tomorrow and then I’ll meet up with a photographer and take some photos.

    Now we’ll watch some tv and then we are off to bed, talk to you tomorrow x


    Next stop: Barcelona

    Hey guys! Time to pack again. I got an offer to go to Barcelona if I can find someone to come with me, and I did! 😉 so we are leaving tonight. Today I got my nails done and bought some new stuff from Zara – and now I’m ready to go! I bought a nude sweater dress which I will pair with heels or white sneakers and the lace dress you see above – I’m thinking red lips, heels and a leather jacket, yes!

    Okay, time to go now. Got to finish paking and then I’m heading to the airport. I timed this post so I’m probably up in the air by the time you are reading this. Talk to you later, love xx