Daily life

Oh hello hair

Heyy! I had such a cozy day today – I started it with a morning walk and a good breakfast, then I hung out with my boyfriend a bit. A bit later I had a super cozy lunch in the sun with Marleen & my dog in a vegan restaurant, we had beetroot burgers, yum! We sat there for a good 3 hours until Marleen had to go to work. Now I’m on the couch, thinking about taking a hot bath and using this hair mask from Oh Hello hair, I used it for the first time about a week ago, but I didn’t wash it out well enough so I was left with oily hair, but after taking another shower the next day my hair felt amazing! I also love the fact that this hair mask is all natural and organic. I hate the nasty stuff in hair products. Anyways I’m planning to use it every week, I love having healthy hair. I’ll go now, have a good night everyone x


(I’m actually publishing this post while sitting outside in a restaurant, the weather is way too good outside to spend this night sitting in a bath haha)