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I found  Instagram account and I’m honestly obsessed. I’ve never been into designer clothes, but now that I’ve seen these outfits I wish I could buy everything. This is what I would wear if I would be rich and famous haha. Honestly these outfits are so dreamy, this girl has such a good taste! Super expensive stuff though. I thought I would post these looks here to give you guys some inspo, these outfits inspire me so much.
A little about my plans for March/April so far:
* Marleen is coming back tomorrow (this dumb girl just messaged me saying that she messed up the dates and will be arriving one day earlier) I wanted to surprise her with a super nice room but I’m not sure if I have time to clean out the room today. I’ll try my best. Marleen if you’re reading this it’s all your fault haha
* Next week I’m going to London to see Drake’s ‘The Boy Meets World Tour’ concert! Two artists I’ve always wanted to see perform live – Justin Bieber (check) and Drake. I heard from an english buddy in Australia that Ed Sheeran’s concert was amazing so that’s definitely next up on my list!
* 06-13.04 Janni’s bootcamp. My favourite blogger is hosting a bootcamp in Marbella. It’s gonna be one week of morning yoga, workouts, hikes and just meeting lots of new people and hanging out. Don’t even ask if I’m excited haha
I’m going to do a workout now and then I’m off to the post office to pick up some packages. I should visit my granny today as well and clean up that fucking room haha. Let’s try to be productive! Have a lovely day everyone ♥