Noosa sunset

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Where are the most beautiful sunsets in the world? Definitely in Noosa. We explored the national park, watched dolphins swim in the sea and koalas sleep on the trees. It’s so amazing to see wildlife. When our feet were tried from walking around, we sat down and watched the beautiful sunset. So many people were surfing while the sun was setting, ahh it seemed so amazing. I wish I could surf but I’m too scared to even try because I’m afraid of sharks haha. But I think I should do a little bucket list – I have to try surfing before I leave!

I’ve gotten some questions like how long I’m in Australia for, what I’m doing here etc. So I thought I would answer it all here. I came here because I have to go back to school in February and I didn’t want to spend the last months just sitting at home, I wanted to travel, to explore, to live. My best friend was already here so it was perfect. If you’ve ever wondered who’s behind all these amazing photos on my blog it’s her ♥︎
I came here to focus more on my Instagram and on my blog, I ran out of ideas of what to post at home and I felt sad. I missed my photographer bestie, we are such a good team. I will be here for 3 months, I’m going home in the beginning of February. I hope you got some answers, feel free to ask me anything in the comments! x