Next stop: LA

Yep it's that cold in Estonia haha

Hey guys! CAN YOU GUESS WHAT!?! Me and Marleen bought tickets to LA last night and we are leaving tomorrow, so freaking excited! Yesterday was such a crazy day, we woke up and saw a super cheap offer to the Maldives, we were already shopping for bikinis ready to go home and buy the tickets, until I was in the changing room and thought that shit, I haven't even checked the weather there, and of course it's raining for 2 weeks straight. We were so bummed, we really wanted to go somewhere so we went to different travel agencies, thought maybe they could find a cool last minute deal for us, but we weren't really fond on the locations they offered. While I was talking to the lady in the travel agency I told Marleen to check LA, and we found like the best tickets ever so we pretty much ran home and bought the tickets haha. And when we had already bought the tickets, one of our friends asks us how did we get the visa, how the hell we didn't think that you need a visa to go to America!?!? Seriously how dumb can you be. But luckily it's visa-free for 90 days, winning! We are coming for you LA. I'm so ready to cruise around, see different places, take photos, see sunsets and sunrises..ahh! Neither of us has been to LA, I bet it's going to be amazing. We'll be there 9 days in total and I make sure to take loots of photos for you guys!

Btw we are both terrified of flying so it's gonna be a good one haha, but luckily it's just 2 flights. SAS has direct flights from Stockholm to LA and if you are under 25 you get a really good price!

Talk to you later x