Next stop: French riviera

IMG_9709Yep that’s right! I’m going to French riviera with my boyfriend for 3 weeks. Our flight is on Saturday and we’ll be back on the 6th of August. I’m so excited! I have never been there but my boyfriend has been there many times so he willย show me around ๐Ÿ™‚ We will be staying in Cannes for the first week, second week in Nice and for the last week we’ll probably fly to Sicily and spend it there. We are also going to rent a car and take lots of trips to Monaco, St Tropez, Gorges du Verdon and Italy! My family lives 2 hours from Nice, so we are going to visit them ๐Ÿ™‚ haven’t seen them in forever. I’m already looking forward to spending time at the beach – laying on my huge swan inflatable that I bought from LA haha, walking through beautiful streets, eating real Italian food & Ice cream, taking photos, having a cozy family dinner and speaking Italian (yep I can still speak a bit!) …ohh so soon!

I have some things to get done before the tripย though. So plans right now are: spending Sunday…well, like a Sunday. On Monday it’s my birthday, so I’ll spend the morning with my boyfriend until he goes away again. And in the evening I have a family dinner planned. And here comes something I really want to get done before our trip – my lips!! Yep, this is a birthday gift from me to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย I have been thinking about getting my lips done for over a year now. Funny story actually, I had to get them done in Australia but I went to the clinic too late. They said that you have to wait 2 weeks before you can fly long-haul flights, but I had a flight back in 1 week. So there was that, but I actually found out from the clinic here where I’m going to get them done now, that flying doesn’t affect it at all and you can pretty much fly immediatelyย after the procedure. I just got a text from them that I can come on Monday but I can’t really go to a dinner after that becauseย some swelling will occur. So I hope I can get another appointment before I leave! I’ll keep you guys updated, have a wonderful Sunday y’all x