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Hey guys! Sorry for slacking here a bit the past days. Since it was my birthday I hung out with my family and friends and didn’t manage to  blog. Yesterday I was on the hunt for a new camera (more about it later) and then in the evening my dog had a doggy sleepover haha if that’s even a thing!  Anyways another dog was staying at our place and it was the cutest thing ever. Now I want more dogs! One just isn’t enough haha.

Today has been a super busy day as well, right after waking up I started googling video editing, then purchased Adobe final cut pro and started learning. I’ve been watching like 10 tutorial videos, it takes a lot of time to learn it but I really like it, I just want to be better at it already haha! I’m currently editing LA video (yep we filmed!) and I hope I can finish it before we are leaving for France. I’m thinking about filming there too, would you guys like it? Maybe vlogs? Let me know 🙂

I got these shoes in the mail yesterday, how nice are these?! I have been obsessed with see-through shoes since I saw these on Kim K. I’m gonna take some outfit photos wearing these tomorrow, so you guys can see how I styled it. I gotta go now talk to you later! x