New in: Frankie Swimwear



Bikini top here / Bottoms here / Swimsuit here
Hey guyss! I ordered my first pair of a bit expensive swimwear a few days ago, ahh I’m so excited I hope they fit! We are moving to Sydney soon, if we live by the beach I need some bikinis/swimsuits right 😉 btw I received my order from Pretty Little Thing and literally everything looks amazing (the black top I wore in my last post is from PLT), I didn’t really have high expectations for the order so I was really surprised to see that every item looked even better in real life than on photos as it’s usually the opposite. I want to make a new order now, but my wallet says stop. Haha, help.
We are back from Noosa now, didn’t have any reception there which was so annoying haha! I’m so not used to living without internet anymore. There was a bit of internet in front of the hotel so I sat there on the grass, trying to upload a photo to my Instagram until I saw a big hairy spider on my leg, I literally RAN AWAY haha I keep wondering if it was a deadly spider!? Scary stuff. Anyways a post about Noosa is coming up tomorrow! Have a good day/night everyone x