Never give up

Hey guys!

Ah I feel like I completely forgot about my blog, although on the other hand I thought about my blog every single day. Weird. I just always thought that I didn’t have the content to post, also I didn’t have a photographer to take my photos, I didn’t have a camera for a while and honestly everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I didn’t want to post boring stuff so I just didn’t post any, which is sad. These all sound like excuses and they definitely are, but I’m really really excited to restart this again, I might not be able to post these perfect outfit posts as I don’t have a photographer, but I’ll post outfits that I’ve shot on my tripod with a self timer, be real and talk about stuff, just be me and enjoy it.

This is honestly me showing that even when everything goes wrong, don’t give up on your dream. So many things have gone wrong here with this whole blogging thing, which eventually made me think if all these things are signs that I should stop doing this. And then I quickly realized that no, even if everything goes wrong I’ll still try to do it. Try to push it through, it’s my dream and it makes me happy. For a second I tried to picture my life not being a blogger and it’s just not me. It’s not my life. It’s not what I want my life to be.

I listened to a podcast where a man shared his story, I don’t remember the exact story but it goes something like this: he wrote a book and his goal was to get published 100 000 copies at once. He went to many, many publishers and got said no 136 times. Imagine getting said NO 136 times!!! Finally 5 years later, he found a publisher who agreed to publish his book but only 20 000 copies. He said no, 100 000 copies or nothing and the deal was off. Another couple of years went by until he got his publishing deal, now he has sold millions of copies and the book is a bestseller all over the world. The book is called “Chicken Soup for The Soul. ”

As I don’t have a photographer I bought a tripod and started taking photos on my own again, and it actually feels SO GOOD to be in charge of that, no more stress of not having a photographer. It’s just me having fun, shooting different outfits and bikinis. I added a little sneak peak here of how my feed is probably going to look like from now on. I will start focusing more on fashion now instead of travel. Summery photos, bikinis, cute outfits. To be honest I feel like I’ve shot in a lot of beautiful places in Sydney and would probably start going back to these locations anyways, so I think it’s a good change and I’m so excited to play around with outfits again and shoot! My favourite thing to do!!

If you take away anything from this post – please, never give up on your dreams.

Also tell me what you think about the new feed, is it nice? Did you prefer the old one? What would you like to see more etc? Honestly you telling me what you think MEANS THE WORD.

… I should probably stop putting a space between every line??