My reverse bucket list

Hey guys! I thought it would be cool to post something different here so I was googling some post ideas and found this reverse bucket list. So instead of writing down the things you want to do, you write down the things you have done. Of course not everything, but all you have on your mind at that moment. As soon as I saw this I started writing down things, I think it’s such a cool idea, it inspires you. Sometimes you forget about the things that you should be grateful for in life and the things that totally broke you, but made you who you are now. Everything happens for a reason – this is how I always think and it really helps me put things in perspective and not to get caught up in thoughts like “why did this happen to me?”.

I combined both positive and negative things that have happened in my life, because this is how life is. The most important thing is to learn from everything, keep your head up and be happy! Life is as good as you make it 🙂  x

  1. Learn to love myself
  2. Overcome caring about what others think of me (still in process, but getting better)
  3. Learn to enjoy the little things in life
  4. Learn to manage anxiety
  5. Speak Italian fluently (not anymore but I used to)
  6. Don’t let your fear of flying get in your way
  7. Fly alone all the way to Australia on back, although you thought you could never do thatOMP_0766-2
  8. Get signed to a company
  9. Study law
  10. Make my mom proud
  11. have the best grades you have ever had,  in the best law school of the Baltics
  12. Own and run a business
  13. See or attend a court trial
  14. Make important decisions in terms of your own company
  15. Hire people
  16. Attend & organize business meetings
  17. Always have an open mind towards everything
  18. Fly over Iceland and see the most breathtaking view
  19. Follow you dreams and start a blog
  20. Have the most loving  & caring boyfriend in the world
  21. Have the best girlfriends you could ever ask for
  22. Take a dog
  23. Survive the death of a parent
  24. Learn to be independent
  25. Be in love
  26. Go to Disneyland
  27. Go skiing in Asia
  28. Visit over 15 different countries
  29. Spend your childhood summers living in your grandparents summer house in Italy
  30. Take a family trip to Thailand
  31. Miss a flight
  32. See wild dolphins in the sea
  33. Feed Kangaroos
  34. Pet Koalas
  35. Swim in waterfalls
  36. Go on a roadtrip trhough the East Coast of Australia with your best friend
  37. Visit most parts of Europe
  38. Visit America
  39. Visit Australia
  40. Have your own apartment
  41. Get paid for doing what you love
  42. Start doing Yoga
  43. Take a year off to travel, see the world. And then come back to reality, happier than ever
  44. Travel alone to a country you have never been before and live there alone for a month
  45. Always think that everything is possible, if you want something then start working for it and it will happenIMG_3085This was all I could think about right now hehe, hope you liked this post! And don’t forget, never stop chasing your dreams, this is what has gotten me so far. I love you guys x