Daily life

My favourite Instagram accounts

@Sarahhashcroft this girl just slays life

Babe @Jannid her photos are everything!

@Fannylyckman her feed is so different and vibey. I love it

@hairsandstyles. Definitely the best inspo account, if you want to know what’s trending on Insta then look no further 😉

@Sjanaelise she’s so inspirational and down to earth. She makes me want to live by the beach and do yoga every day 

@Tezzamb um photo and editing goals?

@Nyanelebajoa I’ve never seen a girl before who can rock every single hairstyle and color. She’s gorgeous!

@doyoutravel definitely the best travel account. His photos are just magical, how!?!?

@Bridgethelene she’s so cute and such a babe. I love her travel photos

@caro_e_ I think her account went from 200k to 1 million in six months or less. But you can clearly see why, her feed is gorgeous!

@negin_mirsalehi another gorgeous girl. I love her style I think it’s so unique. And also her vlogs are pretty much only ones I like to watch somehow she keeps them so interesting


@emitaz I followed her long before she started blogging when she had about 20k followers or so. It so cool to see how much she has grown and how succesful she is now. I remember when I shot some photos with her boyfriend Oscar in Barcelona and he told me how they started and how they are working with such big companies like H&M. It was so cool and inspirational to hear their story.

These are my favourite accounts on Instagram, hopefully you found some new accounts to follow 🙂 xo