My day in photos

Good morning! Time for breakfast

…And lunch, super good Caesar salad place right next to our hotel. We’ll be back!Β Then we rented bikes…And drove around the cityFirst stop was South Bank

Time for a swim!

Next stop was Kangaroo view point

Where we enjoyed the view πŸ™‚

I wrote this post awhile ago when I was in Australia but forgot to post it, so here it is. About time haha

Hey babes! We checked into our hotel in Brisbane late last night and put on our robes, made some tea and watched the latest episode of the Kardashians ???? so cozy! It’s something about staying in hotels that I really love – fresh sheets, robes, buffee breakfasts and friendly staff smiling at you. Anyway today we rented some bikes and drove around the city, our first stop was South Bank! It’s like a β€œfake” beach in the middle of the city, such a beautiful place though! We sunbathed a bit and just chilled in the sand. Our next stop was Kangaroo view point and oh my god my GPS on my phone went nuts and showed us the longest way ever there and all uphill! We were absolutely dead when we arrived and just the thought of it that we actually have to drive back too killed us haha but the view was worth it in the end though! After that we came back to the hotel and took a long shower and now we’r chilling in our robes again ???? Have a good night guys x