Daily life

Mother’s day morning through my phone

I woke up early and went to the flower market to buy some flowers for my mom 🙂 her faves are tulips so that’s what I got! Then I bought some pastries and a delicious poppy seed cakeCame home and washed this little guy because he stank haha. Smelly lil thing. Now he’s so fresh and fluffy!Then I made tea, put the pastries on the table and woke up my mom 🙂 actually I did manage to do a workout before that, otherwise I would’ve felt so bad for eating this stuff. But actually it’s totally fine because it’s mother’s day! I think it’s such a special day and I love the vibe in the air. Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there ♥ x

(btw the tiger you can see on the floor on the last photo is Ringo’s best friend. He has humped that guy more than million times)