Daily life

Morning shoot

Hi from me and my non existent boobs. Ok sometimes I actually have boobs and sometimes there’s nothing like they’re always changing in size!? One day I wake up with boobs and the next day no boobs. I actually love small boobs though, I’m quite petite and small boobs just fit my body. I don’t even wear bras, only bralettes or no bra because I just don’t like the look when I wear a tight t-shirt and a bra. I’ve tried on push up bras etc, like once I went to Victoria’s Secret and tried on the add 2 cups push up bra, I literally looked ridiculous. Didn’t suit me at all. But at the same time scrolling on Instagram makes me want to get a boob job??? Am I the only one

Anyways I did a little shoot for Reef Oil yesterday morning. As I’m signed with a social media agency, one of the things I do is create content for brands. So the photos aren’t for my Instagram but for their Insta/website etc πŸ™‚ I think it’s so cool, I can style the shoot myself, find a photographer etc. This time I shot with my flatmate Sarah it was funn! And then we decided to do a little workout and walk to the other side of the beach on the sand in 35 degree heat, we were sweaaating.

Ok now I need to start getting ready, I’m going to meet up with Lauren at The Bucket List (a beachside bar) for a glass of wine. I already spent an hour trying to decide what to wear but I have nothing to wear?? Need to go! xx