Midnight swim under the stars

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Life is so amazing here, I just can’t. I haven’t bought my plane tickets home yet, I just don’t want to make it real that I’m actually leaving. Although I already have meetings planned back at home, my visa expires in 2 weeks and I have to move out from my place in a week. I usually don’t stress about stuff, everything goes the way it has to go. And I haven’t stressed.. until today. Maybe it’s good though, I push myself harder to figure out what I’m going to do.

To travel the world and focus on social media or go back to school and study a career that I’ll never ever practice? After what I have experienced within this one year, what I know I can do, I just now that I will never have an office job. I will never work for anyone. I’ll do my own thing and I know I will be successful, because I believe myself. I’m amazing, I’m capable of everything I put my mind to. I always get what I want because I work my ass off to get it. I’m 21 and I have bought my own company, by the time I’m 23 I’ll have three companies. I know that. I have so many ideas, so much drive in me. Should I throw it all away to sit in a classroom? Just to say “I’ve studied law” and to make my family proud? But if I do my own thing, they would be proud anyway, right? Studying is easy, everyone can do that. But creating something yourself isn’t. Not everyone does that.

This is what’s been on my mind lately, I just needed to write it down. Love you guys x