May cause miracles

Hey guys! Ah I feel so good after spending the night at my aunties, she’s the real spirit junkie, only eats raw food, does yoga and meditates for hours, she has been 3 months without eating anything and so on. She’s so alive and healthy it’s amazing. And all the stories she has, wow I got so much knowledge from her, had amazing healthy food and also meditated and did yoga together. When I left today I felt like I had visited a spa or a yoga retreat haha. Although everything is amazing here and I couldn’t be happier to be here I still feel overwhelmed sometimes, I have to start looking for a job and I need to find an apartment. I don’t worry about these things too much, but I guess a little part of my still does. So it felt so good to go there and let go of everything and relax.

Now I want to talk about this book! So as you probably know I’ve read Gabrielle Bernstein’s books before (The Universe Has Got Your Back & Spirit Junkie) and in one of her books she talks about how people still email her saying how her books found their way into these people’s lives. Either the book just fell off the shelf in a bookshop or some other magical way. When I got here I went to my favourite little bookshop called Gertrude & Alice, they have thousands of books and what are the odds that out of all the books my eyes stop on this one. I grabbed it and had a look, seemed really interesting but it was $40 so I thought I’ll think about it. I never rush into buying anything, whatever it is I always have to think about it, little fun fact hehe. A few days later I went back to that bookshop and the book was on sale for $10 so I had to get it. Basically what it is, it’s a 40 day guide for your mind. It’s like a work out guide, but for your mind. And it’s 40 days because she said that it takes 40 days for a person to have a habit, so if you complete these 40 days you’ll have an amazing, positive mindset and you see miracles everywhere. It takes max 5 minutes of your time in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening, you start & end your day in the most positive way. In the beginning of this book she said that if you start to follow these steps then miracles will happen. And it’s true. I really recommend this book guys!