IMG_3048IMG_3148IMG_3490  Photos taken with Canon 750D

So a proper post about Malibu – I think this was my favourite place in LA. It’s an hour drive away from downtown, but feels like a completely different city. So relaxed and chill, amazing houses all around and the beach was amazing too. Only thing we did wrong was that we didn’t bring any food with us to the beach and there were no shops or cafes so we were starving and just looked at all of these people who were eating and smart enough to bring food with them haha. We spent about 3 hours there, until we just neeeded food so we went Downtown to eat 🙂

I’ve been staying at home all day, just cuddling with my dog hehe. A friend came by just now – it was good to talk with someone, I was kinda bored already haha. Anyways I’m craving sushi! So I’m thinking about ordering it and walking my dog there to pick it up – multitasking you know. Not a bad idea so I think that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m feeling a lot better btw 🙂 but I will still go to the doctors tomorrow.

Have a good night guys x