Daily life


Hey guys! This girl is at work again. I actually wanted to make a blog post about some amazing makeup products that I got yesterday, but the photos are on my memory card that I forgot home so I’ll do that tomorrow! But anyways I went into Sephora and asked if maybe they could recommend me a nice BB/CC cream, something that makes my skin look nice and but doesn’t look like makeup. I’ve used Maybelline fit me foundation for years, I love it but it’s way too heavy to wear at daytime here. I usually don’t wear any makeup here during the day, but sometimes you want to you know? So yeah I went in and asked for something like that and the lady recommended me the best.product.ever, it doesn’t look like makeup at all and it just makes your skin looks so nice and gives a beautiful healthy glow. I also got a concealer to go with it and it brightens my under eyes and makes me look so awake and healthy. These two products are my new makeup routine haha, I’m in love! I hate spending money on makeup so I never buy any, but it was time and I’m so happy! I’ll show you the products tomorrow :-)) xx